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Kinder & Playgroup Photos by REFLECT PHOTOGRAPHY

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When my Mr E was in kindergarten he steadfastly REFUSED to do anything messy at kinder – pasting, pastels, and especially painting were all on his banned activities list.

Why would he choose to get messy at kinder, when home was so full of messy activities already??!?!?! Paint, finger paint, playdough, water with food dye in it for tipping and pouring – you name it, we had it in our house. So Mr E felt no need to explore these at kinder.

Imagine my surprise then when I picked up his kinder photos and there he was, paintbrush in hand,  in front of a masterpiece on the easel! I was so excited that I even asked the teacher if she’d kept the painting as it was E’s first ever kinder painting.

With a roll of her eyes, she said no, she hadn’t kept the painting. That sadly, it wasn’t even E’s painting. That the photographer had placed my child in front of someone else’s painting, stuck a paintbrush in his hand, and taken the shot. How awful!

Although I have a copy of that photo (it was part of a pre-paid package), I don’t like it and can’t look at it without feeling sad & disappointed. How much better it would have been to have captured images of Mr E doing the things he LOVED to do at kinder – building endless roads & bridges & towering buildings with blocks, running, swinging, reading books, doing puzzles. THAT is how I remember E at kinder.

And that is precisely what we aim for with Reflect Photography kindergarten & playgroup photos.


YOUR child doing what YOUR child NORMALLY does at kinder – natural images that reflect your child just as they are. Paintbrush or not!Kinder Storyboard72

Miss M and her New Baby Brother

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I first met the gorgeous Miss M when she was 7 weeks old.

Now, I’ve met her equally gorgeous (though slightly more serious) brother who is also an “M” – also at 7 weeks!

How lovely to be able to share this family’s story as they grow… 24x24 Curves B

Family Storyboards

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Family Montage LOW Georgie 72 storyboardSome great family storyboards we’ve recently created as gorgeous wall art.

A beautiful way to tell your family’s story.

The Glue

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Baby Sallyanne Low ResWelcome to the very first Reflect Photography blog post!

For the first, I thought I’d start at the beginning. And I mean… the beginning. Hence the photo.

It’s a scanned pic of one of only a handful (like, maybe 3) photos of me as a baby. In fact, there are so few photos of me prior to about age 3 that my two older brothers had me convinced I was adopted – the lack of photos being the primary evidence. Strong family resemblance has since enable me to refute the claim but this photo is incredibly precious and made all the more so by it being one of so few.

When each of my own children was born, this photo was pulled out and marvelled at; compared with the faces of our new little family members and scrutinised for similarities. My kids still love to look at this image and find similarities between it and their own baby photos – who has the same nose, who slept just like that, and whose lips look just like that 1970’s baby’s did….

Family photographs – I love how powerful and emotive they can be. How they are part of the glue that binds the family stories together into a whole.

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